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Someone tell me these are still excerpts from a local TV news spot, and somewhere there's a grainy YouTube video with Gundam BGM running softly in the background, along with a Q&A -- a guy can wish, right? : )


Recently I saw some photos of my dad from like 79-81 and his clothes are just as fresh as all get-out. I stole a bunch of em over Christmas when I was home. It is therefore in my interest to make sure we're bringing '80 back.

That said, in 2015, how are we going to deal with the fact that '85 was played out (a second time) between 2004-2007ish?


It really sucks to know that cosplay in America hasn't really caught up to cosplay in Japan from 30 years ago. Sure, there are some great cosplayers out there, but they're all hindered behind the thousands of Naruto cosplayers.

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