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These guys (and one gal, apparently) look like ball joint dolls. They really do. Just drop in at Den of Angels sometime and flip through the galleries.

That one gal is a dude, dude.

Saiko~~! o(≧∀≦)o

Wait! There's men in these pictures? Nothing you don't see on Christopher St.

Wow. He definitely takes the cake, then. The Prettiest Guy on Planet Earth. Srsly.

More pix and bio for Nachi Maeda here:


If you wanna get super-stalker, check out "his" blog:


For a second I thought Option Three was wearing this jacket http://www.yesstyle.com/en/deepstyle-distressed-knit-tee-shirt-gray-one-size/info.html/pid.1021362970

While it's true that these guys look like they belong on Christopher Street searching for men, the irony is that in Tokyo and Osaka guys like them are the ones getting the gorgeous J-girls and you, as a foreigner, will be left with the girls who look like men.

These guys need to go near Castro to see what REAL gay men look like.

They actually aren't gay. They are Japanese Host Boys - they are "escorts" so to speak. You can pay them to hang out with you at the host bar.

You should check out the movie The Great Happiness Space.

Minami no Teiou is mostly correct--see these cats with fine ladies all over Kyoto, too. If I may quote (actually paraphrase) Lewis Black on Howard Stern after Black returned from a stay in Japan; he said he loved the country, people...that the girls were beautiful, and...

"Japanese guys are only getting laid in Japan."

(Of course, if you had to pick only one place...)

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