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すげ! Where did these ads originate from? Terebikun? Terebi Magazine? The Chiba pic appears to be from Yakuza Deka, so it's got me imagining just how awesome the tie-in ad for Doberman Deka is.

The Chiba ad appeared in Shonen Jump, the Golgo one is from Shonen Sunday, and the Dirty Harry ad is from Shonen King.

Weird that these movies were not marketed to kids, but the guns were...

The Doberman Dekka used a Magnum .44 so I'm guessing the ad would be a lot like Harry's.

Perhaps the true target of these ads were semi-literate chinpira looking to modify toy guns into real ones? In Yakuza Graveyard, Tetsuya Watari seemed to think it was a serious problem.

Patrick, I'm real curious about these now, were they 1:1 scale or scaled down for tiny boy hands? And did they fire caps?

I am a semi-expert on these. Patrick, why didn't you ask me?

The MGC guns were full scale, indeed 'cap' guns insofar as you had these three-piece brass shells that one would unscrew and load a special cap into. Depending on the gun teh shell would be struck, forced against a striker and the cap would fire, and you'd get realistic blowback action as the action would cycle, eject the shell, strip a fresh one from the magazine and return to battery ready to fire again.

These were heavily imported into the US during the '70s by Replica Models in...oh, I think it was Virginia, minus the special cap firing shells. Also, some of the guns had their barrels completely plugged (in Japan they were left open to allow the smoke to stream from the barrel end).

I had a number of them (including the MP-40!) and still have a couple of them in fine shape. The zinc they are made from gets a little brittle with time.

the selling point was to allow a collector to own a gun that couldn't fire, thus could be displayed safely. Plus they were great for firearm handling training, they stripped down exactly like the real gun. I'm pretty sure Japanese TV made heavy use of them.

MGC!! my MGC model gun is M16A1 desu, i found that at hanayama gangu ten in akabane :)

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