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"Death the Police" you can't make that shit up.

"Made it, Ma! Top Of The Black World!"

My alltime fave is the "Tatoo Conseals supporter," a long-ish black knit armband you can wear if, say, you're a badass with a tattoo who nevertheless needs to occasionally go visit his mom. (I can tell it's for visiting mom because they tastefully refrained from emblazoning it with a big white gothic-lettered FUCK.)

What's even funnier is that if you took every single Japanese person responsible for making that horrible clothing, sat them down, and explained to them in Japanese that the English emblazoned on their clothing was completely and embarrassingly absurd, they wouldn't even care.

The whole "intentional illiterate Engrish" thing is something I've never been able to understand about Japan.

I'm wondering if the American equivalent would be having the kanji for shit on your shirt.

I like how the dollar sign kind of looks like a happy prawn.

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