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This is puzzling. As evidenced by his wardrobe, obviously this guy is not a loyal reader of Men's Egg, so why would they, "reward" him by sending these gravure models to his house? Secondly, if this guy won some sort of contest, wouldn't the camera crew give him an, "Ikkeman Makeover" so they don't alienate their readership, or dress up one of their male models to be a stand-in for this guy? Or, even more bizzarely, are they trying to make, "Otaku" the next big fashion trend? The only thing about this that I am sure of is that obviously these girls have been drugged, becuase picture #3 couldn't have occured otherwise, and the fact that neither of these girls are on their knees worshipping the magnificence of Shinken-O in picture #5 is all the proof you need.

Where's Minami no Teiou when you need him?!?!??

Well I'm stumped. I thought I was something of a Transformers expert but I can't ID the line that Grimlock is from. Anyone care to help?

Unless one of those Toybox DX types shows up, I think we're going to need to get the Mandarake "High-Grade Master" on the phone right away.

Japanese magazines are so much more entertaining than American ones. I used to spend entire weekends seeking out strange magazines in Osaka at stores off the beaten path.

That is MP (masterpiece) 08 Grimlock.

Ah, thank you Burning Sirius. Grimlock was never the most impressive of the Masterpiece figures, I have to say - it's unquestionably the best representation of the G1 character we're likely to get, but the sparse paint detailing hurts and the cartoon-accurate design seems somewhat out of place when compared with the rest of the line's more realistic vehicle modes.

Best comments on this blog, ever.

Yeah, this thread alone will singlehandedly bolster your cred with advertisers targeting Otaku USA's core readership. The numbers speak for themselves:

Comments on action figure minutia: 7
Comments on gyaru: 1
Comments on gyarus' scanty clothing: 0

Kinda reassuring, actually.

This is good stuff here - but - which book did you scan those "disco trash" Katsumi Watanabe photos from? (cf: your old "shinjuku 2010 is 1980" post)

Oh wow, it's Schultz...

The book is just called "新宿 1965-97" and was published by Photo Muse in 1997.

Thanks! Now I don't have to troll up and down Jimbochou with a print-out of the .jpgs - "Where's the book with the disco lady peeing?"

Dude, Damage Report rules!

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