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Well, there's the special one-day "Men of Space Battleship Yamato" seminar on July 17. Don't know what it's all about, but I'd love to have someone there as the eyes and ears for starblazers.com...


Oh, and the once-in-a-lifetime Yamato/Hello Kitty crossover that's going on during the month of August at Sanrio Puroland. I know I couldn't turn it down...


Hey Tim, thanks for the heads-up on these two events. I'm tempted to check out the Puroland/Yamato mash-up, even though I've been told that place smells like a dirty diaper and can only imagine what effect the summer heat will have. The other biggie will be the 30th anniversary of Be Forever Yamato on August 2nd. Although no one else will care, I'll spend the day sitting in front of the jumbotron TV at Shinjuku Alta waiting for a miracle in form of a jump into Warp Dimension.

You're lecturing on music, film and fashion? What's next, table etiquette?

Yell at a hostess for me while wearing a bellywarmer, aviators and hands in pockets.

Are you leaving all you love behind?
Who knows what dangers you'll find!

You must be strong and brave.
Your home you've got to save.
If you don't, in just one year
Golden Gai will disappear!

Hi there,

Here is the info on the Meiji University "Japan Cool" Summer Program:


Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Herschell Gordon Lewis' "She Devils on Wheels" and "Stray Cat Rock: Wild Jumbo" are showing at Theater N in Shibuya. Rockin' Jelly Bean and Erostika are involved.


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