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Augmented reality is nothing new. Idea has been tossing around for some time now,
The PSP had a game based on it.
Even idol groups are using it.


Its in the first few minutes

Not sure if these guys who created it the one for Love Plus but heres a photo of them with the idols


Yeah, obviously the idea of augmented reality is not new, which is why I referred to it as "existing and emerging" tech. I wasn't trying to position Love Plus as the very first example...just my first time experiencing it hands-on, so whatever. Anyways, thanks for the links.

Technological innovations are frequently made in times of war.

Japan's otaku tribe has agreed, by and large, to give up on the world at large, lock their doors, and comfortably sink into a couch in front of a machine that randomly assembles codified character traits into fantasy worlds that create synthetic empathy.

It naturally follows that if Japan really wants its otaku to get up and produce, they're going to have to start a war INSIDE of fantasy-land.

100 hours into Love Plus 3 the bombs will start to fall inside of the player's DS, and if the player doesn't complete certain socially beneficial meta-goals (egged on by their loving wives, who are in constant danger but hold out waiting for you, only you, player) their waifu gets sniped and their savegame gets wiped forever. There will be achievements for curing cancer and building the perpetual motion machine.

Talk to me, Konami. We can save the world.

I miss the Hot Tears of Shame podcasts. Any chance for a new one with you and Matt Alt?

I have no reason to believe 'Vocaloid' is the endgame in this effort, (no more than that flying paper airplane in the first CG proof-of-concept film) but I still shudder with revulsion when I watch it.

Is it the utter lack of substance (both literal and philosophical), the uncanny valley phenomenon, or just me being 45 years old? Seeing such a technological miracle immediately relegated to vapid pop music performances seems like a reversal of how it's supposed to go. I'm all for cutting-edge in the hands of the people, but if this is all we do with it, then we are, as a species, self-indulgent retards.

Don't stop here, Konami, is all I'm saying.

Having been aware of the Vocaloid craze for over a year, I was completely surprised by the actual live concert. I guess the next step is to build the Macross Fortress.

With the number of life-sized robots being announced lately, a true-to-life SDF-1 being constructed wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.

I suspect they'll be some Hot Tears podcast action later this year...

I would not be surprised if eventually the artists behind Gorillaz uses this technology to actually have their characters perform in front of the audience, with the actual band behind the screen.

There is also a goth-metal band in the Philippines called Mistula. They are much like Gorillaz in that there are real humans playing their music, but the characters are quasi-virtual. Only quasi-virtual, in this case, because the physical representations of the Mistula characters are Asian Ball Joint Dolls. One would have to enlist the aid of 3D scanning systems and CGI software to take Mistula to this next level, but it could be done.

/me looks at her vinyl pals (two Volks, one Obitsu) and thinks...hmm...3D scans plus Blender might have interesting artistic possibilities...hmmm...

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