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Thanks for linking this! I'm gonna have to give it a gander tonight.

Actually, this video has been circulating at least since 2008. I have the Japanese version when it was only part 1 and part 2. Part 3 was recent. If my memories of the Youtube comments 2 years ago does not fail me, some English fans contacted the original Japanese uploader on Youtube to improve the subs. I do not think it a corporation marketing ploy as I have seen this video improve over a 2 year period from being Japanese only -> Bad ENglish sub -> Good ENglish sub -> better video -> current form it is now.
Probably this thing was originally floating around Nico Nico but now no more.
And who says Perfume does not have creepy post-adolescent males? :D Those guys are still there but they have the decency to hide themselves. The Perfume fanclub is mostly male with a hefty dose of wota....

Post more idol stuff man, I know my fair share and not crazy or creepy like the rest of them :D

I think the formula was right and Nakata did them a lot of good, but there's NO WAY they would have ever gotten so big if Amuse, their giant management company, had not picked them up. That's why they got all the tie-ups that let them go mainstream.

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