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Harsh Realm, dudes.

Probably going to replace you with some Chinese or Korean writers, as America is DEAD DEAD DEAD to the 'Cool Japan' thing and all the happenings are Pac Rim, baby, YEAH!

Need to go back in there, bust out your Otaku Yakuza tats and kick some ass!

No I am NOT drunk, I don't drink. Maybe that's my problem.

Damn, Patrick you have a habit of making me love your podcast music. What's the name of the closing song?

You'll Be Needing Me Baby - Nino Tempo & April Stevens. Available on several compilation CDs, this one seems to be the cheapest. About half of the tracks are true soft rock gems. http://tinyurl.com/259v2j6

what about the opening track? normally i can search for lyrics, but i'm coming up blank on every search engine. it must be a rare treasure indeed.

Opening track is "My Ghetto" by Outrageous Cherry from their new LP Seemingly Solid Reality available now on iTunes and such.

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