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Thanks Patrick for the presentation and the list.
Can you give us a list of the trailers that you played before the show started?

Great fun. I liked that an iconic film of the lecture's theme was also played even though I've seen Scorpion a half million times. One question about the HK 'remake'; the DVD cover you showed had a BBFC-18 mark on it which suggests that there was a UK DVD release of the film. Do you know if one actually exists? I haven't found one with the few searches I've done.

sasori remake. now in the bargain bin, jon.


shame recordings of these lectures don't seem to have been made, shared. also : wider access to any further tees might interest a lot of us.

Hey logboy, thanks for your comment. Audio and video recordings were made of all the shows. jaPRESS is looking into ways to best archive this material and make it available.

As for the shirts, NEW PEOPLE was the client, so they have first dibs on sales. There's about 75 shirts left, and they're being sold exclusively at the NEW PEOPLE store in SF during this week's J-pop Summit Festival. I want the remainder to be sold on-line if possible, but it is not 100% my decision. Either way, we will definitely be creating more apparel soon, and I'd like on-line sales to be a part of it from the get-go.

I'm very interested in the shirts; will be eagerly awaiting any announcements of whether they will be able to be sold online. Desperately wish I could have been in SF for the show, but sadly, Texas is too far away for it to be a quick jaunt.

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