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Cool Lighter. I am jealous :)

UFO fuckin' OWNS.

I would say that would be about Marukai price for that whole haul. $20 US? Yeah, give or take a couple of Tanuki Soba bowls and a box of Pocky. Although the cute Shinji lighter would, alas, not be included. Maybe a questionably-licensed Hello Kitty change purse or something would stand in for that.

Moral: Marukai owns. Now that my friend Lizz is living in the Midwest we're figuring out what and how frequently I should buy nihon no groceries for her and send them out via Priority Mail. In Missouri it's a bit hard to get stuff like curry roux and UFO instant Yakisoba. Or senbei, for that matter. We must remedy this, lest she have to rely on overpriced vendors like JList and JapaneseSnacks.Com.

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