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Hey wait a second, that's MY basement!

"It's almost as if some of these toys were meant for children" is epic, btw.

Considering Matt and I are the only two superior human beings in the world to own all of these atrocities, I say THANK YOU! Thank you for driving the god damn prices up!! Naaaaaaah!! I'm just kidding. Awesome vid guys! Thank you so much for making me feel better about myself and my addiction.

Matt, next time I'm in Japan I foresee a Ninja attack in Kitchijoji where a standard sized Gingaizer Spinlancer vinyl is abducted!! Ha!


"It's almost as if some of these toys were meant for children"

I don't even understand what this concept MEANS.

Matt makes me cry. I wept upon seeing the Balattack vinyl. I have never seen one in person. My elusive Idaho. Fun vid, although I feel, well, inferior now....

I think it is hilarious some people on sites are even taking Matt's "superior" comment seriously. LOL

Obviously self effacing sarcasm is lost on them.

OK, at 8:00, Matt mentions that real robot show that's "a rip-off of Mission: Impossible" and it's really got me curious. But I can't make out the name or how it's spelled. What is it ? "Outer Space Strongle"? Man, I can spell Xabungle and Baxinger without looking it up, but this one is beyond my range, I'm afraid...


The show is called "Srungle." Here's the intro:


"Mission.... OUTER SPAAAACE!"

More Srungle toys:


It's nice to see that more than a decade later, you're still proselytizing about "Srungle", Matt. Keep fighting the good fight! ;)

I especially like the bit of scene-setting dialogue at the beginning in which we establish that Hiroko's away for the afternoon when all this is going down.

Awesome sauce, Matt. Thanks for the intro link.

The sparkling backgrounds in the Srungle opening are mind blowing.

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