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i agree, this thing will be pumping hentai seconds after beta goes gold. It actually looks like a really interesting program and i can see a smörgåsbord of US websites promoting individual stories. this just seems like the next logical step for 'fanfiction' which is abundant in the culture.

I think this will just make the style even more generic. It happens everytime a new tech/ technique comes and everyone copies (like when photoshop got really popular with manga style artist).

I would still give it a try for its flash/speedlines and word ballon effects. hope those are in the free version.

I don't see this taken too seriously by cartoonists. I can thumbnail a comic page faster then it would take to build one using this interface. And that copyright thing is a real sticky issue. I'll be interested in seeing where this goes.

Do you know where I can download one?

More information about obtaining early versions of ComiPo! here...


i personally look forward to this. I always write stories in my free time, but they would never work as a novel, and i always write them imagining them as a manga or anime anyways. Unfortunately, even though i enjoy drawing in the manga style i am not very good at it >.<
With this software i could finally produce my stories fully! i can't wait for the English release!

I don't think this program's a bad thing. People say the same thing every time a new techology comes out. What about the artists? This will cut into their ability to find work/sell their work/ blah blah blah... The thing is, there are artists out there who can't write worth a lick. And their are writers out there who can't draw worth a damn. A program like this allows a writer, or a student, or whoever --a chance to make their own comic/manga.

Part of the decline in manga I believe comes from a formulaic presentation of characters and a lack of innovation. No one ever complains about the artwork --rarely. It's always the story that they complain about. I think that this opens the world of manga to writers and storytellers who may not have ever gotten any kind of look because they can't draw.

Personally, I want it because my daughter and I make stories but neither of us are particularly good artists. (She's 10, by the way.)Something like this seems to be a fun way for us to share some time together making stories. I can't wait for the English language version.

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