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Don't worry about floundering around out there. If your webcast is as good as the magazine I can pretty much guarantee that the otaku will follow. I know I will anyways.

Welcome to the webvideo verse!

I have no problem promoting your show ONLY if you promise a typical "beach" episode with co-host in proper bathing attire.

kidding aside, the convo is pretty fluid. her english is really good and she's eye candy. you need a haircut, hippy.

would it be to much to ask to visit any studio with miniature cities waiting to be stomped?

beware of the stormtrooper!

I have to say that I rather enjoyed this. You're your usual excellent self, and your co-host is quite refreshing: She doesn't look like she's fresh out of the idol/model factory. I look forward to seeing the next episode!

Wow. This is brilliant.

- I did not hear any swears. (something that has been irking me as of gaming or anime shows or podcasts as of late)
- It seems very humble. The way the two of you act allows me to connect well with what's going on. It's friendly. It's inviting.

Thank you for a wonderful episode.

Thanks for letting me down easy with all them nice comments!

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