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Oh, Mandarake 1000-yen cel bin, how I miss you so.

It's amazing that those cels are so cheap, relatively speaking - a decade ago many of them would've fetched more, but the cel collector market is shrinking before the digital revolution. I've got a robust collection (VOTOMS, Rose of Versailles, Great Mazinger, Giant Robo, Black Jack, The Big O to name a few) but haven't bought in quite some time. My pick in this video is the Phoenix 2772 cel with Godo and OLGA. Find me one with Black Jack or Shunsaku Ban, please!

Permission to film inside Mandarake!? World ends...

No more podcasts? *sigh*

were there any Gatchaman color cells?

You must have shot this the day after I got there (Saturday the 4th) since I bought an awesome Kodai cel from that very shop. It sat just to the right of Saito. They replaced it with the Analyzer one.

And you have no idea how hard I fought to shout out corrections to your naming of the other Yamato cels. Yep, deep down I'm still "that guy."

Wow, nice video! I love cels, and still have my collection of several dozen. However, with the digital revolution cel collecting seems to have died down so much. I would have thought that genga/douga sketch collecting would have taken its place. However, those seem like they are very hard to find compared to finding cels back about a decade ago. I wonder why?

It was the Patlabor taint shot that made ME reach into my pants....

@Mike: I haven't seen the 1000 yen bins at Mandarake for a while either, but you're right, the prices are dropping and crazy stuff is coming up for sale now. Another fun place to check out is the cel shop near Manadarake on the 4th floor of Broadway (blanking on the name now). Prices start at 500 yen and there's usually some MegaZone styled greatness to be found.

@Anavel: Helps if a Japanese person asks for said permission to film...

@Steve: I have hours and hours of audio waiting to be edited into podcasts. I think there'll be about 4-5 new ones eventually. In the meantime, you should really upgrade from dial-up. The quality of your life will drastically improve, I promise.

@Jason: Gatchaman cels from the first series seem to be rare, so no, I didn't see any. Although cels from Gatchaman 2 and F pop up from time to time.

@Tim: We shot there on the same day that you made your last Mandarake run before leaving town. I kept expecting you to walk into the frame!

@Faris: You would think that the lack of cels in digital animation would make the prices for "the real thing" go up, but I guess that's not the case. A collector friend just handed over a stack of cels from Fist of the North Star, Vampire Hunter D, and Dragon Ball to me last night as a gift saying that they're "garbage" now. I guess this is the general mentality...weird.

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