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Interesting episode. You guys should try to cover a popular anime movie premiere in theater next time like a gundam movie which is always a big event there.

When's the last time a Gundam movie opened? There should be another Evangelion coming up, though.

Oh yeah I forgot about that. An Evangelion 3.0 premiere coverage would be awesome considering how big Evangelion is in Japan.

Can you guy also try to visit the popular lucky star shrine? I'm not a fan of the show but I am curious to know what goes on over there and how it differentiates from the show. I believe it's in the Washinomiya Shrine which is located in Tokyo. Also, try checking out the Ghibli Museum and any well known sushi places (if they allow cameras that is).

i hope you came out of that movie theatre stuffed to the gills with old yakuza eiga posters under your shirt. If i had a theatre like that near me, that'd never go broke.

Interesting choice of fav (Street Mob). Surprisingly, I lean toward Bakuto Gaijin (Sympathy for the Underdog) as my fav even though my fav actor is Bunta as well. In reality, it's too tough to pick just one.

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