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I lolled.

Reminds me of the younger times when we played with dart guns and swords made out of random house materials.

And now...it's the same thing. lol

The more I see of this show, the more I like Asakawa-san. She's just so darn cute!

This is easily my favorite episode so far. Asakawa-san is very charming!

Some of the weapons are truly amazing (too bad that they would definitely not be allowed back on a plane to the 'States. I can picture that TSA-checkpoint conversation... *awkward*).

Keep up the good work!

Very nice episode! You guys should try visit anime production studios (especially MADHOUSE) that would be awesome! Also if you got plans try to visit Jump Festa which I've heard is happening this weekend and its free! Please interview Masashi Kishimoto if you do. Definitley podcast material if you ask me. Finally the 5th annual seiyuu awards will be held in Akihihabara on 3/5/11 try to make it there.

Good episode! For future episodes try to visit some more events like jump festa and tokyo int anime fair. Also if you guys could cover the 5th annual seiyuu awards that would be awesome as well. I would love to see you guys visit MADHOUSE studios someday!

I'll bet that Asakawa-san's self defense training was part of her Seiyuu training. It makes perfect sense, considering how intense seiyuu otaku can be. Also, judging from your outfits, did you film all of these episodes the same day, or are those your, "Costumes"?

Thanks everyone for the kind comments!

The Seiyuu Awards is a great idea and I'll pass the info along to the show's director.

We've shot up to 5 studio segments a day, so be prepared for the same black T-shirt for a bit!

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