I'll be watching a few miles away from Burbank. Already bought my ticket, or I would have entered to win one in H'wood. Either way, awesome concept. Wish it could have been done for Yamato.

Just got back from the theater and I quite enjoyed the film.......However, I really wish it hadn't been dubbed. My wife (japanese) was more disappointed about that though. Otherwise, she dug it too. It was pretty cool to see the live broadcast as well. Thanx

Good job MCing the event. I especially liked the question that you personally asked the guests of honor. ;) I wish that the interview part could have been a little longer, though.

I'm not really sure why this was shown dubbed, especially considering the appearance of the Japanese VAs.

Normally, I like dubs and prefer to watch things that way b/c it means I can focus more of my attention on the show. This is especially true for action oriented programming. However, I didn't really like this dub. Something just didn't seem right about it.

As for the movie itself, I really enjoyed it. I thought that it did a great job of being different enough from the source material to not only make it work as a 2 hour movie but also make it interesting for people who have already read the manga/seen the anime.

I hope that the 2nd movie is original material, though. I haven't seen past the Buddha arc so I was unprepared for spoilers from about 20 something volumes in the future. That wasn't cool.

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