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And here I thought "Hen Ya" wouldn't have anything I was looking for. Where better to find the Space Battleship Yamato coloring/activity books circa series 1? Now I have yet another reason to go back.

PS: The "Final Yamato" pencil sketch as you called it was actually a layout from episode 9 of series 1, splashing down in the sea of Pluto.

-"That guy"

Why you hoggin' all the Bunta posters? That was "The Bosses Last Days". Any Bukuto Gaijin Butai? You slipped on a gimmie, Godzilla x Jiger? You bring much shame.

Seems like I need to make another trip just to go to Nakano B'way.

it's another set of tempting images, all these movie posters, cos there's quite a few shown in the video that are regularly on YAJ for similar prices, but it's a shame cos (of course) nobody in japan wants to post anything directly to the rest of the world, it seems, unless they're a third-party proxy thing.

surprisingly, there's actually also quite a goldmine on eBay, which i can actually buy from, including sellers that are resident gaijin it seems. quite nice to see lots of stuff getting passed by cos folk in the wider world have less likely seen the films - still great directors, studios, periods and artwork to be had - that's so similar stuff to the most popular stuff.

shame there's also a whole heap of repros (of recent and old stuff) cos it can make it hard to pick through at times - but its possible to soon get the drift of whom to avoid. oh, and the biggest downfall besides that is the unreasonable / high postage rates which only work out on multiple purchases - and there's never guarantee of that with an auction, so...

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