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I don't know about the kind of engineer boots you would find in Harajuku but do check out Mannen-ya for actual construction worker gear.


Great for those baggy pants and tabi work shoes. They do have good boots too. Very nice and helpful folks.

Totally awesome info man, since you do OVZ and you mentioned homeless people in this vlog. Will you guys be able to do a homeless people episode, as a part of Tokyo subculture; "Life In A Day of a Homeless Edokko."

Ginki (sp? - feeling good), one of the words I learned from my Japanese bros.

I do recall seeing a doc marten store and carhartt type fashionista type shit in harajuku. . I also recall a long line for the grand opening of a cafe/restaurant. "Paris something", or something along those lines and thinking WTF are people waiting in line for a restaurant. Food better effing good.

You just love that Dutch angle, don't you?

I don't have a tripod! This is the best I can do!

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