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Right now I've got a laptop with off the shelf commercial software, freeware and open source software that replaces a whole animation studio. Anybody can have the equivalent of Walt's Hyperion Studios thanks to 21st century technology. We've already seen the result of this. Nina Paley's Sita Sings The Blues jumps to mind, and Voices of a Distant Star. One day animation fans are gonna realize they can make their own animation productions with tools like Vocaloid. Really, this is only the beginning.

I dunno man. It looks and sounds real good.
But this is otaku driven so I'm not sure how big it can get outside of Japan.
Sure it can only come out of Japan but i feel, like most of Japanese (declining) culture, its really nothing new.

@Dave: Can you give me an example of something "new" in culture recently?

In japan or the world ? I don't know. You are much better at explaining that.

As a nerd/geek, I thoroughly enjoy the video. But I just don't share your excitement that this is a the next great japanese thing. If your article did not have that intention, then it's just me.

The content of this piece doesn't do much for me, but the craftsmanship is definitely to be admired. No, there isn't much "new" about it since it's derivative of many previous things, but the way it's put together is what makes it noteworthy.

I think what trips us up is that we've been conditioned to see most (if not all) entertainment as having the same goal: to be monetized, to rake in revenue. When we put that frame around it, we immediately step outside ourselves and instead of asking "do I like it" we ask "will others like it?" Instant executive. Then we carve it up, put it in boxes with familiar labels, question motives, and utterly lose the point.

What if it's NOT supposed to "get big outside of Japan"? What if it's not supposed to "get big" at all? What if it's just one person's whim that we happen to have the technology to share? What if that person's only goal is to fill up his/her free time with something they enjoy, and pay their bills with other work?

In other words, how do we disengage the entertainment exec in our heads? I don't have an answer. All I can say is I spend an inordinate amount of my free time on projects that make me almost no money because I enjoy them. (And I also share them with others via technology.) When I do the bill-paying stuff, I can't wait to get it done so I can switch over to what I truly enjoy. Without that, it would all be pretty meaningless.

The quote about not needing anime any more is a really interesting one. I'm looking forward to seeing it play out over the next decade or so.

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