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Nice post!

I visited 6% dokidoki and Super Lovers (and maybe even Spank! by accident) when I went to Japan, and both were pretty cool, even though not exactly my style. I have SPINNS on my list for next time.

Thanks also for linking to those web-stores.

I always loved how much for fashion was available in Japan (Korea pales in comparison)...I just did a 4 day vacation there and could see! Thanks for the links.

Please check out the kulture jammin' on Gwen Stefani's new TV CM for TARGET's Harajuku Mini (which repurposes the “Harajuku Lovers” perfume ad that you posted in your article above) at:

"...hype only raises the price of the real estate and pushes out independent businesses. Over the last few years Harajuku has been invaded by international brands like H&M and Forever 21..."

I found your blog by pure coincidence but this article stuck a cord with me on an international level... unfortunately.

The scenario you describe with big brands trying to capitalise on local fashion/culture fame is happening right here in Camden Town in London as well, where big brands and rising real estate prices are pushing out local traders out and by doing so watering down the foundation.

Funnily enough the only new independent stalls appearing are all, if not Harajuku-inspired, then at least Tokyo-inspired.

i love harajuku lovers kind of style. its really cute

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