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Some insight into drunk oyaji culture would be appreciated! What IS up with the tie on the head?

More like this! Passion! Erudition! Wrestling! As gigantic as a really boring New Yorker article. Thanks!

Totally great. I love when your writing is firing on these particular cylinders

Thanks, I didn't really know their history or even what they looked like before your article. Tho honestly, I'm mainly interested in their songs rather than their circunstances or anything else ^^;

My fav' is Yogusa's "true" ending, 『pinky jones』 ... what about you people ?

Great article. I am, on immediate inspection, pretty goddamn bonkura.

Great article! I discovered Momoiro Clover only recently through anisongs and their collaboration with Maeyamada Ken'ichi, but I did feel like there was something more to them than the standard idol band.

Interesting insights on their cultural background too. I had never heard about the "bonkura" culture. Do you have any link or reference to sources on the matter? (preferably in English but Japanese is alright)

Momoclo Z is awesome exactly because of their outlandish acts. Momoclo was just Momoiro Clover before one of their members quit (Blue) and then they reformed themselves as the sentai-themed Momoiro Clover Z. As a fan of idols, guess you could call me a wota, the production value of the Yomiuri Land concert easily out does any concerts i've seen from idol groups in a long time. They also use ustream quite a bit but maybe not as much as Tokyo Girls Style (東京女子流).

I'm also glad to finally see an article specifically on an idol group here even if it was because of the sentai tie-in and the Mazinger Z song guy.

Before reading this I had no clue what bonkura was. This was enjoyable, informative and cute.

Patrick Macias!

When I get to Japan, I want you to introduce me some trashy women!

来週福岡のライブにいってくるよ!!!from Japan

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