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Kyary is just a puppet she has no say what she says or does, she has people behind her. Without them she would lose all her fame and popularity.

Words like:


"There's nothing left for you here!"

"Let's die!"

"The world is ending anyways!"

These kinds of things don't actually brainwash people, they are put in many videos to show the true meaning of the media, Basically people are fooled by apperances.

Music appeals to everyone, and is used to deprive people... btw i think people should know that "God doesn't look down on earth" if he did he would have destroyed this world ages ago. The eye is most likley the antichrist's eye or the illuminati people's sign, just to state that WE the people are looking at what they have produced.

A girl I know got me to watch Madoka Magica, and then showed me some of Kyary's videos.

We both notice a strong resemblance of the videos to the general look of witches' barriers in Madoka, and Kyary herself sometimes seems to cosplay a witch.

Could this be real, or is it a pure coincidence?

Ooh they should get into the rest of her videos that would be fascinating..
I think that kinda detail is what makes Kyary so good though. She needs the occultism to make her more palatable to *takes off glasses and stares into the distance* intellectual audiences..

Hell, so much of the apocalypse...

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