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My mind was kind of meshing Karia Nomoto and Maki Nomiya together and this article came up while I was trying to set the two straight (apparently my mind had good reason to put them together!). There seems to be surprisingly little on Karia Nomoto out there to read...

I'm really fond of music games and I finally put the name to the face(or the music) and realized that Yasuharu Konishi and Karia Nomoto did a pretty interesting stint designing their entire entry into Konami's beatmania series that I thought might make for an interesting piece since I haven't seen much of it online (I suppose when totally different hobbies converge like this there is a serious lack of people who can say they are fans of both enough to cover it, and I might just be able to make a dent in this cool project).

I really dig this post, and I think it'll be helpful as I dig up more info on Karia Nomoto.

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