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In malaysia, this music is what is usually identified as feng tau. And thailand has the same thing too. Sounds almost like dangdut too

All the listeners for this type of type of music are considered the "trashier" part of society.

I guess organic consumer culture is so dead in Japan that they have travel abroad to spawn an "unholy union"

Well, at least this DJ is more respectful to local culture compare to AKB/JKt48 whom seems to regurgitate the same songs except in Indonesian

Thanks for the comment. Knowing the people behind this record, and the Funkot movement in Japan in general, it's more a matter of them finding the original music funny (in a respectful kind of way) and the attached scene kind of fascinating, trashy (as you mentioned), and somewhat lost in time. I'm willing to bet that at no point has a suit sat around with a Funkot music CD and talked about "organic consumer culture". I think they're just having fun with it. I think we should too.

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